David-Louis Design Joins ShopStreet.ie

David-Louis Design Joins ShopStreet.ie. Specialist in Personalised Gifts.

David-Louis Design Joins ShopStreet.ie

Specialist In Personalised Gifts

ShopStreet.ie is pleased to welcome David-Louis Design, Specialists In Personalised Gifts, to our Marketplace for Artisan and Handmade Gifts.

Silversmithing, Jewellery Design and Production

A native of Arklow, Co. Wicklow, David-Louis trained in the art of Swiss Watchmaking at the Irish Swiss Institute of Horology, in Blanchardstown, Co Dublin. After working as a watchmaker David-Louis moved to Birmingham UK to study Silversmithing, Jewellery design and production. Once he graduated he set out to build a highly successful silversmith and jewellery design business, focusing on working and distributing his unique designs globally via the internet, showcasing exquisite and precious products, introducing same day despatch, delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, testimonials for satisfied clients and speedy high quality personalisation.

Birmingham City University’s (BCU) School of Jewellery

During his post graduate studies David-Louis wrote an entrepreneurship course for practising silversmiths and artisans which he delivers to the Design For Industry (Jewellery and Silversmith) degree course at Birmingham University’s School of Jewellery, he is also a visiting tutor at Birmingham University delivering lectures, design, production and manufacturing advice to students during their final projects.

Silversmiths, Jewellers & Artisan Staff

His team of silversmiths, jewellers and artisan staff members include, Alice Gow, Jade Pelham, Josie Lewis, Pippa Leaver plus many visiting jewellers, silversmiths, translators and technicians, his team also consists of strong manufacturing and distribution partners supporting his vision to deliver high quality and beautifully designed products, personalised to each clients requirements with same day despatch being the norm and ultimate aim.

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