White Fleece Ball Pit – Ball Pit in Pink Boucle Fleece with 250 Balls – 90cm x 40cm

Handmade | Boucle Cover | 250 Balls | H: 40cmShips From EU


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White Round Foam Ball Pool Pit For Children With 250 Balls and White Boucle Fleece Soft Touch Cover. Plus Custom Ball Colour Selection – various 5 Colour Combinations with 50 of Each Colour. 90cm diameter & 30cm high ball pit. Complimentary Greeting Card and optional Additional Cover available.

Choose from our range to select your 250 balls! Each colour is supplied in sets of 50. Please list your colour(s) here.

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Additional boucle fleece cover in colour of your choice

Cloud Mat (160x160cm) or Square Mat (120x120cm)

Item will be shipped in 1-3 business days
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