2023’s Top Christening, New Baby and Keepsake Gifts

2020's Top Christening, New Baby and Keepsake Gifts Personalised & Engraved with Child's Name Ireland including Handmade & Sterling Silver Christening Gifts.

2023’s Top Christening Gifts, New Baby Gifts & Keepsake Gifts

There’s nothing better than the arrival of a new baby and for many the special occasion is marked with a Christening. Luckily, you won’t find yourself short of options when it comes to Christening and Baptism gifts. This means that you will always be able to find the ideal gift for a new baby. Regardless of whether you are a godmother or godfather, a grandmother or a grandfather, there are a tonne of beautiful gifts that are ideal keepsakes.

The Ideal Christening Gifts For Any New Baby

Though there are a lot of Christening and Baptism gifts out there for you to choose from, there is something special about opting for something personalised. Personalisation shows just how much thought and effort has gone into the gift. It shows that you have gone the extra mile to ensure the gift is unique and individual to the recipient. Not only will this make you feel great as the gift giver, but it’s something that any recipient is sure to appreciate.

For grandparents and godparents, personalised Christening gifts are ideal as they make a lovely keepsake. Whether it’s a gift to have on permanently display or a gift to keep in a memory box for years to come, there’s no denying that personalised gifts are always well received.

Personalised Claddagh Christening Bangle In Sterling Silver. Irish Christening Baby Bangle with Celtic Claddagh Design.

Personalised Claddagh Bangle Christening Gift Engraved with Child’s Name.

Unique Personalised & Engraved Christening Gifts

The Personalised Claddagh Christening Bangle is one of our most popular Christening gifts and it’s easy to see why. It has a traditional Irish Galway Claddagh Celtic design and an engravable plate, which means that it can be personalised with the baby’s name. This is certainly a gift that anyone would cherish for years to come. There’s also the Personalised Silver Claddagh Expander Christening Bangle which is slightly different. Expander bangles work well as Christening gifts as they can be worn as the baby grows. Both of these items are handmade, hallmarked and have a traditional Irish Galway Claddagh and Celtic design. As they are handmade bangles engraved to order, you won’t find them in the shops and it’s highly unlikely you’ll find anyone else with the same.

Of course, there are bangles that are a little different to the Claddagh design such as this Personalised Baby Christening Silver Bangle. As it’s subtle and simple in design, it’s a Christening gift that will appeal to anyone. Regardless of personal style and taste, this baby bangle will always be well received.

These gifts are all high quality, expertly made and completely unique. You can even take advantage of our gift wrapping services to ensure your gift arrives looking its best. To find your ideal Christening gift, check out our christening gift range today.

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