Brexit Buster Discount

Offset New Brexit Charges By Availing Of Our Newsletter Subscription Discount

Offset New Brexit Charges By Availing Of Our Newsletter Subscription Discount

Many of our suppliers and designers are based in the UK which has now left the European Union and its customs union. As such some orders may now attract additional VAT & charges on entry into EU / Ireland.

Why Do We Have UK Suppliers?

Quite simply, the items we sell that are sourced in the UK are not made in Ireland and there is no equivalent Irish manufacturer or supplier. To bring you our range we have no alternative as no alternative exists.

Irish Owned Flagship Supplier

Our flagship supplier, David-Louis Design, is an Irish owned business, with 25 Years Experience, based in Birmingham’s Famous Jewellery Quarter, giving it unique access to all the associated trades, jewellers, designers, suppliers and all that goes with The Jewellery Quarter. Quite simply, The Jewellery Quarter is Unparalleled. To bring you that unique quality of design, range and materials we are delighted to continue working with our UK based partners despite the new obstacles we are encountering.

How Do I Know My Order Is Shipped From The UK?

Orders shipped from the UK are listed as such in the product short description.

Tracked Shipping

For now we will only use Tracked Courier Shippers to deliver UK supplied orders. The advantage of this is that the Courier Companies have the systems in place to collect new Brexit imposed costs.

Paying The New Charges

You will be contacted by the shipping company to make the payment once your order has shipped. Once paid, your order will be delivered in the usual way and tracked at every stage of the journey.

Offset New Brexit Charges By Availing Of Our Newsletter Subscription Discount

To offset these additional charges please subscribe to our newsletter to get 10% off your shopping cart. These additional charges are outside our control. We appreciate that 10% will not completely cover the new charges but hope it will take the sting out of what is a new & permanent situation for us all. We will keep an eye on the situation and would appreciate any feedback from customers on their delivery experience. Subscribe Here To Offset New Charges

This offer excludes sale items and other offers.

Irish & EU Suppliers

Orders supplied by EU and Irish based suppliers are not affected by the changes above. These products are clearly indicated by Made In Galway, Ships From EU etc notices on the product description and are also included in our newsletter subscription offer.

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