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Hassle-Free Shipping From David-Louis Design

No Import Fees Into Ireland & EU for Orders Under €150 (Starting 24 November 2023)

Exciting News: David Louis Design Enhance Shipping to Ireland and the EU with No Added Import Fees!

At David Louis Design, we’re thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our services that will bring joy to our customers in Ireland and the European Union. We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to share that we are now shipping directly from the UK to Ireland and the EU with no added import fees on orders under €150!

We understand that the hassle of import fees can be a concern for our valued customers, and we are committed to creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. By utilising the EU IOSS pre-payment scheme, we have eliminated the need for you to pay any additional fees upon order entry into Ireland and the EU. This means a quicker and easier buying process for you, allowing you to focus on the excitement of receiving your personalised silver gifts and jewellery.

About David Louis Design: A Family Business with a Personal Touch

David Louis Design is more than just a brand; we are an Irish family business based in the heart of The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. With a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to quality, we specialise in the design and supply of handmade silver gifts and jewellery. Our unique range includes personalised silver bookmarks, engraved silver cufflinks, personalised hip flasks, personalised tankards, and much more.

Our dedication to providing exceptional, handcrafted pieces sets us apart. Every item we create is infused with a personal touch, making each piece as unique as the person it’s intended for. Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or treating yourself to a one-of-a-kind piece, David Louis Design is here to make your experience memorable.

Why Choose David Louis Design?

  1. Handcrafted Excellence: Our skilled artisans handcraft each item with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality.
  2. Personalisation Options: Many of our products can be personalised to add a meaningful touch, making your gift truly special.
  3. Wide Range of Products: From elegant silver bookmarks to stylish engraved cufflinks, our diverse range caters to various tastes and occasions.
  4. Family Values: As a family business, we understand the importance of meaningful connections. Our values drive us to create products that resonate with the essence of your relationships.

Experience the Joy of Hassle-Free Shopping

With the elimination of import fees on orders under €150, shopping at David Louis Design has never been more convenient. We believe in providing a buying experience that matches the exceptional quality of our products, and this enhancement reflects our commitment to your satisfaction.

Visit our online range on ShopStreet.ie today and explore our collection of handmade silver gifts and jewellery. Join us in celebrating moments with meaningful, personalised treasures from David Louis Design – where craftsmanship meets personalisation!

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our shipping terms for more details. Orders over €150 are shipped but will attract import fees to Ireland & EU. We are not responsible if local authorities do not respect the IOSS process, it is still new and we are all learning. Other locations have their own rules, please check with your local authorities regarding importing from UK.

Disclaimer: Potential Implications in the Event of Incorrect Implementation of IOSS Process by Local Authorities

At David Louis Design, we strive to provide a seamless and transparent shopping experience for our valued customers by utilising the IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop) process. This system is designed to simplify and expedite the customs process for international shipments, specifically into the European Union.

However, it is important to note that the correct implementation of the IOSS process ultimately depends on the actions of local authorities and customs agencies. In the event that local authorities do not respect or implement the IOSS process correctly, it may lead to unforeseen challenges, including but not limited to:

  1. Potential Delays: Incorrect implementation of the IOSS process by local authorities may result in delays in customs clearance.
  2. Additional Fees: There is a possibility that local authorities may impose additional fees or duties, which were intended to be avoided through the IOSS process.
  3. Communication Barriers: Despite our best efforts to communicate and coordinate with relevant authorities, discrepancies or misunderstandings may occur.

While we are dedicated to addressing any issues that may arise, please be aware that David Louis Design does not have direct control over the actions of local authorities. We recommend staying informed about local regulations and customs procedures to ensure a smoother transaction.

We advise customers to reach out to local customs authorities for clarification on any unexpected charges or delays. Additionally, please feel free to contact our customer support team if you encounter any difficulties, and we will do our utmost to assist you within our capabilities.

This disclaimer serves as an acknowledgment that David Louis Design cannot be held responsible for actions beyond our control and reaffirms our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your understanding.

David Louis Design

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